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At The Sturbridge Cooperative Nursery School we help our preschool children learn to work and play with other children, give them the opportunity to work and play with different equipment and toys, and foster growth and independence in each child, while promoting healthy habits that prepare them for kindergarten.


We are a non profit cooperative school where parent involvement is crucial to our success.  Our nursery school is based on a parent-participatory model.  All parents are expected to volunteer, or "co-op," in the classroom for at least two weeks during the school year, participate on a board or commitee which includes various fundraisers, and maintain the building and school grounds throughout the year.  This greater involvement allows parents to share in and add
to their child’s preschool experience and allows the children to see that their education is an important part of family life.


The School's Board of Directors, comprised of current member parents, conducts monthly parent meetings, maintains and distributes documents to the families of the School, including the School's Handbook, financial status, current enrollment roster, and a current set of Bylaws.